okay well no more requests obviously
gonna finish the rest of em today and im done

here you go enjoy your fucking incest, anon

okay yeah go and send me some sketch requests ill draw whatever

thebeeandthepuppycat: Ooooo if we can request anything, some red equinep or fefnep maybe if you don't mind

okay yeah
but if you notice
like how it was stated twice in my text post,
wait until tomorrow to give me requests, okaaaaaay? O-KAAAAY.

OKAY I REACHED 2000! but its also very late, so tomorrow, you can start sending in your drawing requests. it doesnt even have to be in this fandom. just dont make it ridiculously difficult, okay? wait till tomorrow please.

im at 1,988 followers right now. when i reach 2,000, ill open up free art requests for that day. UNTIL THEN, MY LOVELIES.

Anonymous: OOOOOMG i LOVE that homestuck princes (kurloz, dirk, and eridan) picture you drew i love your art so much... omg... will you ever color it maybe?? i love your coloring style so much i'd love to see you color such a beautiful sketch ;v;

ffffrt yknow id love to, but the only way id color it was if i were to scan it and then open up sai because i am terrible coloring things like that with color pencils or w/e. and i dont even have a scanner to begin with, since im really fucking poor. so tbh i dont think i ever will. thank you though! im glad you enjoyed my drawing, i put alot of effort into it! im afraid youre gonna have to deal with seeing colorless pencil sketches, though, my bad.

aaand some shitty doom twins
okay fuck off goodnight
also dirk without glasses
tyralthedark: ur hreat

thank uwu

and a doodle dump